Let me introduce myself quickly.

I’m Dipesh Mourya.

The Part-time Blogger, Affiliate marketer, Youtuber, Freelance and Entrepreneur.

I’m a Mechanical Engineer but a passionate Blogger and Affiliate marketer. And I’m come from Madhya Pradesh (India).

I’m started my blogging journey in 2019 and currently running many others Affiliate blogs as well as simple blogs and earning a decent amount of money from that.

Apart from blogging I have also earn by freelancing and YouTube.

Now, let’s talk about this blog

I started this blog to helps the newbie bloggers to succeed in blogging career with my essential tips, that’s why I name this blog “MyBloggingTip. “

What is My Blogging Tip is all about?

MyBloggingTip is the blog that guides you to become a better blogger. In this blog we are talking about Blogging, Affiliate Marketing , Social Media Marketing and much more that helps you to start in this online world and creating many opportunities to grow your blog like Elon Musk Networth.

This blog helps you to grow your blog or website and helps you to generate a good amount of passive income.

Note – We don’t offer a quick rich scheme here the results is depends on your hard work and dedication as well as patience.

You know that the competition in blogging is increased day-to-day, so to stick in this, you need some robust strategies which will work for you. I share my experience with best of my knowledge which really works for me in my blogging career.

Services available in this blog

  • Seo
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing

Why I started this Blog?

I’m started this blog to helps the beginners and overcome the problems that I had faced in my blogging journey.

If you have any query regrading Site, Advertisement and any other issue, please feel free to contact at [email protected]