How to Start a Blog in 2021 from Scratch ( Step by Step Guide)


The First Question comes to mind to make a successful career in Blogging is How to Start a Blog in 2021?

So let’s find the answer,

Before creating a good blog, you need to take action; I made my best ever decision in my life to start a blog.

Before starting a blog, the question that comes to mind is how much I earn and how much time it takes to generate a good amount of passive income on autopilot through blogging. So starting a blog is the first and most crucial step that leads you to success.

But I sure, After reading this article on how to create a blog in 2021, you will start your blog today and enters the field of digital marketing.

Starting a blog is not rocket science, and in the 21st century, it’s easier than in the early twenties. But all you need some proper and reliable guidance, which helps you start a blog in 2021.

Here are some proven methods to start your profitable blog without any mistakes and some bonus tips that help you scale your new blog.

Before Starting you may clear about the answer of the question –

What is Blog, and Why You should start a blog?

The Following steps are –

Step 1:  Finding profitable Niche for your blog.

Step 2: Choose your blog or Domain name.

Step 3: Select hosting for your blog.

Step 4: Setup your WordPress Blog.

Step 5: Choose an Attention-Grabing liter theme for your blog.

Step 6: Some Important Plugin for your Blog

Step 7: Write your first Blog post.

Step 8: Make money from your blog.

Let first start with the basics on what is Blog?

What is Blog, and Why You should start a blog?

Let me first clarify the differences in between blog and website.

Consider a website as a group of many web pages where you will see few timely changes, and it is mainly created to represent any business products or services. Ex. Amazon, where unlimited products are listed in it.

But Blog is created for a particular topic for providing detailed information, and you will see the time to time changes on content of the blog either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. And also, the blog is written in the form of an informal or conversational style.

Besides, do remember blog can be part of a website where some information will be provided of the services and products, but a Blog is not a Website.

And if you are willing to start a blog, then that process of writing a blog post is called blogging.

In general, Blogging is a way to build your blog and start sharing your learning and experiences about a particular subject.

Which means, you are making reader friendly

3 Reasons why you should start a blog?

If you got an idea about the basics of blogging, then let me get you a few reasons why you should start a blog in 2021?

  • Generating Passive Income.
  • Finding your Brand Identity.
  • Expertise in a Particular Subject.

3 Reasons why you should not start a blog?

  • Not willing to make passive income.
  • Not concerned about identity and brand.
  • No time to write.

If you are admiring any blogging advantages, here I am to explain how to start a blog, which can turn your initial investment of time, effort, and money into a million-dollar income.

Bonus Tips: By starting a blog, maybe you will win or lose, but if not, then you will definitely lose.

How to Start a Blog in 8 Easy Steps: Step-by-Step Guide

It is crucial to clear the basic fundamentals of blogging before diving into the blogging field and scaling and reviewing your blog.

Hence, I decided to give a complete guide into a total of 9 fundamentals or steps, which cover every single topic that you must know as a beginner to expert your blogging skills.

If you have less time to read this blogging guide, make sure to bookmark this page for future reference.

Remember more than 91% of published blogs never getting organic traffic. 

But, if you understood the concept, you will be out of 91% of bloggers who are not getting single traffic on this website.

Read More : How to Rank #1 in Google

Before starting, please make sure you are following all the steps to start your first profitable blog.

Step 1: How to Find Profitable Niche?

How to find the niche idea

Consider Niche as a topic or any subject, and in other word’s you can say that this is a particular industry around which your site is targeted.

The selection of a Niche is a prime factor for any blog to succeed, and in this blog, we will be discussing the basics of Niche and how you should select a profitable niche.

Hence, the Niche of the blog is very important for blog success.

If you’re still in doubt about is good to start a blog.

ShoutMeLoud: We all know ShoutMeLoud is owned by Harsh Agarawal is one of the most significant websites which teaches about WordPress, Blogging, Seo, and Much more stuff related to blogging.

Smart Passive Income – Patt Flynn started this blog named Smart Passive Income, where he shares strategies to grow your online business. Today Smart Passive Income is one of the most successful blogs making millions of dollars every day.

There are so many other blogs that I can show, but I think you got an exact idea of how niche is so important for making a successful, profitable blog.

Currently, there are lots of beneficial niches in which you can begin your blog. Still, I don’t recommend you go with these niches because you don’t have an interest in that, and if you start your blog on that niche from my suggestion, then after some time, you feel bored and quit blogging.

You have to focus on these two factors to find out the profitable niche for your blog.


  • See that you can make money from that?
  • They have enough affiliate programs or not?
  • Is that niche is having a good volume of keywords or not?


  • Are you interested in working on that niche?
  • Can you share the article on that niche?
  • Can you solve other problems with your writing on that niche?

Find a topic that you know better than anyone else. Try to think about the case that you like to talk about the most, which you never experience anorexia in talking about the subject. I believe that you should choose the topic about which you always read or listen. Something in which you have a deep interest and in which you will add value with your experience.

And for Newbies I always recommends to follow the steps given below-

  • Take the help of Pen & Paper
  • And make columns of your interest on it.
  • Write down all the topics of your interest on the paper about you passionate the most. (Add at least 5 topics) on the columns.
  • Mark the niche which you liked the most and add the value.
  • Also, find an affiliate program of that niche.
  • Now you’re all set to go.

These are some steps to find a profitable niche for your new blog.

Step 2: Choose your Blog or Domain Name

Choose your best blog or domain name

Selection of a good Domain name is not very tough you can easily register your best domain name for your blog. If you are already deciding your domain name, so you can skip this part.

The complete guide is given below for selecting a perfect domain –

I am sharing my whole experience in this article of how to find the best domain name? And I will make sure that you don’t make mistakes and waste time on my journey.

I am following a rule while while picking a domain name:

  1. Easy to remember
  2. Easy to type
  3. Easy to pronounce.
  4. Easy to brandable

A domain name is the URL of a blog which a visitor will use to open a blog.

For example;

A custom domain name is like, for which we need to pay  $12/year. However, I have shared a trick below to help you save this $12 on domain purchase.

There are a few rules that will help you pick the best name for your new blog. Here are some of the tips from my experience:

  • Prefer the .com domain name above everything else.
  • Your domain name should be easy to pronounce and easy to type.
  • Make sure your domain name should not be confusing to the listener.

Name of your blog very crucial, in my opinion. You can also have a domain name under your own name, and it’s great for a personal portfolio or if you plan to make yourself a brand.

However, I prefer having a generic name so that I could have people running it in the future, and I could enjoy the benefit of solopreneurship.

My suggestion is to be creative and follow the four rules I shared above. Here are a few things you should not do when selecting the domain name for your new blog:

  • Don’t use a too-long domain name. Try to keep it lower than 12 characters. Ex: ShoutMeLoud
  • Don’t use domain extensions like .info, .net, and so on because they tend to rank bad in Search engines. I always prefer and suggest using a domain name extension like .com or .org.

If you are still not able to figure out the domain for your blog, then you can find brandable domain name using one tool: LeanDomainSearch

Step 3: Selecting a Best Hosting Service for your blog

How to choose a best web hosting

Web Hosting – A web hosting is where all your blog files are stored and show your blog lives when someone tries to access that. Hosting is like the computer’s hard disk, which stored all your data (images, posts, pages, and many more) and kept your data secured.

Now, are you thinking which wordpress hosting is best for you?

There are tons of web hosting which you can use to start your new blog. But I don’t recommend to you that because they are worthless.

So instead of giving you the ton of hosting list, I recommended you to go with the siteground.


Siteground is the no.1 hosting for beginners, and honestly there support and service are fantastic and very reliable; it’s also not very costly like other hosting.

So, are you excited to start your business? 

If Yes, then let’s dive into it, When I started blogging, I tried every cheap hosting, but the load time is awful


Then, I came to know about Siteground hosting, and after purchasing it,

The load time of my blog decreased dramatically.

But WAIT! don’t take my word here, SEE THE PROOF,

BEFORE Siteground,

These results are as expected because, at that, I’m using cheap hosting.

BOOM! You can see after migrating to Siteground, the load time is decreased by 85%

WAIT, But don’t take my word here; There are some of the latest REAL reviews about Siteground.

Syed Balkhi


Siteground is a great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects- both new and established ones. The service they provide is stable, secure, and super fast thanks to the special tools they’ve developed in-house for WordPress users.

Rian Kinney

Founding Attorney, Kinney Firm

I have been a happy customer of Siteground for 2 years now. From their easy to use migrator tool that quickly transferred domain from another platform, to their automatic WP updates that assist with maintaining the functionality of my sites, they have made hosting easy for someone with non-technical background.

So, Let’s move on and,

In this part, I will guide you on how you can purchase the domain and host from Siteground,

You can also choose any other hosting you want. Still, I highly recommend you to go with Siteground because it’s affordable and reliable for beginners who want to do blogging like a business.

Follow these steps to purchase hosting and domain for your first blog:

1. Click On This Special Link to start your first blog.

Siteground Hosting plan

Grab 70% OFF On SiteGround

I recommend you to go with a startup plan because it has more features.

2. Choose Your Favorite Domain

How to create blog

Pick your domain name, which is easy to understand. For example, if you are interested in opening a food blog and decide the blog name is food Bazar, you can go with

If you haven’t chosen the domain name yet, I suggested you read the domain section of this blog to get more ideas about it. After reading that, you got many names for your domain.

3. Fill Your Account Information

How to start a blog from scratch

You have to fill your information for your account.

4. Enter Your Credit/Debit Card Information

Make a blog

You have to fill your credit/debit card details to purchase domain and hosting

5. Confirm The Conditions And Let Get Started

start a blog

You have to confirm there terms and conditions, 

After that, you have to click on the check-out button. It will take a few minutes to the site ground to proceed with the details.

Wait a few minutes, then check your email for important details related to your account. And you’re done.

Congratulations! You have successfully purchased a hosting and domain for yourself. You have crossed the most prominent stop on your way to start your blog.

Let move on and see how to setup your blog

Step 4: How to Setup a WordPress Blog

Setup WordPress blog

After selecting the domain name and Hosting, the next step is Setup your WordPress blog.

Installing WordPress is not a big task like rocket science.

The only thing is that having proper guidance. So here, in this part, I will show you how you can set up your WordPress blog to make it live on the webserver.

The First step is to go to your site ground account; if you had already purchased the hosting, you could see the exact same interface after logging into your account.

how to Start blog

You have to select on start a new website option to make a fresh website.

Then, click on the software in which you want to create your website.

We are creating our website in WordPress, so click on WordPress software to install. After that, you need to feel some login details about your website:

start blogging

This information is essential; I recommend you to keep it safe and don’t tell anyone. And also, write down your login details like username and password on a diary so that you can check out there if you forget.

After fill-out, all the information, then click on the checkmark of I confirm (Terms of Service and Privacy policy), and then click on the big button of Complete Setup to proceed.

How to make a website

It will take some time (few minutes) to finish setting up your WordPress dashboard.

Now, click on the proceed button to go to the customer area:

Start a website

Now, you will redirect to menu area. Click on my account and then click on Installation Tab

Setup WordPress blog

Now, click on the Go to Admin Panel to see your WordPress dashboard admin Panel.

how to setup WordPress

Now, you will redirect to your WordPress dashboard page after filling your login details which you set during the installation and click on the login button.

WordPress admin panel

That’s it; you just complete the setup of your first WordPress blog. (Remember this URL or bookmark it)

WordPress Admin Dashboard URL – (

If you forgot the URL by chance, you could use the above URL to log in to your Dashboard. ( Remember to replace with your domain)

Step 5: Choose an Attention-Grabing liter theme for your blog

Design your website

After installing WordPress, you need to add a good theme for the design of your blog.

In blogging, your blog’s design matters because “The first impression is the last impression.” So always make a great design of your blog for gaining more traffic and engagement.

In your WordPress dashboard inventory, there are hundreds of free themes available for you. Still, I don’t recommend you go with those free themes because, in free themes, you will get limited customization options, and these free themes are easy to hack.

If you came into the blogging field for business purposes, invest in themes and plugins because if you don’t invest, you may face many critical issues later in your blogging journey.

Now, the first question comes in your mind is Which theme is best for you?

I use the Premium GeneratePress theme, which is the lightest theme and loads your website very fast. Its design is excellent. I liked it. Many pro bloggers are using GeneratePress.

Some things keep in your mind while purchasing a theme-

  • Make sure the theme is lightweight and easy to use.
  • Check that the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Always check that the theme is responsive for both mobile and desktop.
  • Use themes which has great customer support.

Here is the list of some others Premium themes that I am using in my others blogs:

Some of my Personally used favorite theme

Astra Pro – Astra Pro is a lightweight and easy-to-customize theme. This theme is like a generate press, but they have many features that aren’t available in generate press, and You can make your homepage attractive and responsive too by using elementor with that.

Focus Theme By Thrive Themes – Focus theme is the most powerful theme, which has all necessary options like email opt-in, shortcodes, and many more. This theme is fully responsive and easy to customize. If you are an Affiliate Marketer, this theme is like gold because it’s conversion optimized. More features help you to make your website more powerful.

Schema Theme – Schema theme is crafted by mythemeshop, and the best part of this theme is search engine optimized. It’s also the fastest theme as well.

GeneratePress – GeneratePress is the theme that I am currently using in this blog. For me, it’s work good so far because this theme is easy to customize, so anyone newbie can customize it. The support of this theme is impressive. If I want to choose themes from all the above, I choose to generate press because of its stunning looks

After picking the theme now, it’s time to installing the theme on your blog. For installing any WordPress theme on your blog, follow the steps given below:

Go to your WordPress dashboard appearance →themes

  1. You will find various free themes in the theme section but click on add new button if you already purchased them.

2. Click on the upload theme and upload your zip file activate the theme on your blog.

Finally, you installed and activate your theme now. The most essential part is the customization of your theme.

So, if you want to customize your theme then click on appearance customizes.

Now you can customize your theme; after customizing the theme, the next part is uploading some most important plugins in your blog for automation.

Step 6: Some Essential Plugins for WordPress

Uploading WordPress plugin

The main reason for choosing WordPress is the freedom of customization without any technical knowledge; here in WordPress, you can add Plugins to optimize your blog content, speed, Seo, and much more. There are lots of plugins available on WordPress, but there are some Plugins that I am personally using and making things on autopilot.

Do you want to know the list of my favorite plugins?

So, here is the list of plugins that I am personally using in my blogs –

Elementor or Thrive Architect – These are Page builders for designing any pages (like the Home page, the about us page, and other essential pages). These plugins work on drag and drop features; you can create your landing page by dragging and dropping. The best part of these plugins is they are very lightweight to use.

Rank Math Seo – The major factor to rank your blog and drive a lot of traffic is SEO. Here is the solution Rank Math Seo Plugin; it’s a new Seo Plugin and becomes a favorite for every blogger now. Many other bloggers suggest you go with yeast Seo, but I don’t recommend you to go with that because it does not have many features like Rank math. For more info, you can read the review on my blog.

WP Rocket – You already know that speed is one of the most important factors to rank on the first page of Google. SO WP Rocket Plugin helps you to optimize your full website and make it faster. I recommend you to buy the Pro version of this Plugin for more options of optimization.

Thrive Leads – If you want to take the lead by collecting your readers’ emails, you can use thrive leads, which helps you make sticky ribbons, screen filler overlay, pop-up lightbox, content lock, and more.

iThemes Security– Many times, someone tries to hack your website, so this Plugin helps you secure your entire website from hackers. Using this Security Plugin, you can secure your blog.

UpdraftPlus – Creating a Backup of your blog is very important, although your site ground keeps your website Backup daily. But for more security, I am using this plugin for my website Backup. This plugin helps to Backup your whole website, and you can restore the data whenever you need it.

Resmush.If in your article you are using lots of images, then you are observing that your website load time was increased then. This Plugin is good for optimizing your images, and by this, your website will load fast.

Social Snap Pro-Social snap is a social sharing Plugin where you can drive more traffic on your blog from mediums like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many more other platforms.

These are the top plugins which I almost used in my all website to run them properly.

I don’t recommend you to go with broken plugins because these types of plugins are easy to hack. This way, you can lose all your website data.

If you are thinking, how to add Plugins? then I will help you

  1. Go to your WordPress dashboard
  2. Then go to Plugins → Add New
  3. Then upload your plugin zip file and click on the “install now” button.
  4. After installing, click on the “activate button” to install that particular plugin.

Step 7: Write Your First Stunning Post and Published It

write your blog

Are you thinking about How to write your first stunning blog post?

So, let me help you to write your first post on your blog. After setting up your WordPress blog, the next and most important part is making some posts for your new blog.

Steps for creating a blog post: go to Dashboard → Post → Add New

After that, you will land on your post page, and here you can start writing your first post.

Now, Let me give you some tips that help you to make your first epic post:

  • Before starting to make sure, the post you’re going to write is related to your niche. Still confused, then I recommend you to do some keyword research around your niche, and by searching, you will find many awesome low-competition keywords that are easy to rank.

I recommend you to use long- tail keywords for your blog because it’s easier to rank.

  • Always tries to make Eye caching the title of your blog by using numbers and power words.
  • Make sure you are writing lengthy articles and easy to understand without grammatical mistakes. You should add some images to the blog to make your blog more comprehensive.
  • I suggest you go through with the on-page SEO guide so you can optimize your content easily.
  • I recommend you to use words like I, you, and We to connect with your readers. And be original, don’t copy anyone, and use copyright-free images; don’t download from Google.

These are some common tips for creating your first blog post.

Now, let’s move on to the next step, which is the favorite of every blogger.

Step 8: How to Make Money from your Blog?

How to earn money from blog

This is the most searched keyword that is How to make money from a blog?

There are many ways which you can use to earn passive income from your blog. In this part, we will discuss some ideas you can use to make money from a blog.

Here are some of the most popular ways:

  • Google AdSense
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsored content (Get paid for writing about others)
  • Amazon affiliate program
  • Direct ad sales
  • Own digital products like eBooks, Online course

These are some ways that you can use to generate passive income from your blog. But always keep one thing in your mind in blogging; you have to keep patience and do hard work. And I’m sure you will grow massively.

FAQ about How to start a blog?

How much does it cost to start a blog?

The cost of starting a blog is 3.5$ per month, but I recommend you to go through a yearly plan because, in the yearly plan, you will get some great offers or discounts.

How do you start a blog for free?

You can start a free blog on Blogger or, but I don’t recommend you go with this method because you will face many issues and limitations in the free method.

How do bloggers get paid?

Bloggers get paid in different ways, which we had discussed in the above article. The most common method to earn by blog is Google Adsense, and other methods are affiliate marketing and sponsored posts.

Can I start a Blog in 2021?

Yes, you can start a blog in 2021 because after covid, the number of internet users is increased, and it’s the best opportunity for starting a blog as a full-time career.

In how much time the earnings starts from blog?

If you want to earn from a blog, you must keep patience because it’s not a quick earning scheme. You can earn a good amount from blogging, but it depends on your hard work and method of doing blogging.

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